[Applause] yo guys what is up sick menu here and today we are playing the brand new IO game called preacher no sigh oh it just came out and everybody else's thing, is so I thought why not give it a go, I was one of the first youtuber who made a video about this game and now everyone is doing it I'm a youtuber and I want to, make a video by creator that I oh can I do it fed no you cannot you cannot make a video about it because, I made it to your body first and, it seems like a lot of fun so this is my second time playing I just have it flipped around to see how the game wall and looks like we've got, off first that evolution so we're gonna go with the sprint.

This is meant to give you an extra boost yep and we're gonna try to level up you need to keep eat smaller ah. Smaller I don't know these little things are knobs or or bite tail for Naja so basically by biting, the tail of another player the bottom of the another pay you'll level up or you could level up by eating these small clubs I'm assuming would take very long time and., As you level up and increase in your level you can get you can evolve with special powers like this sprinting game okay guys let's go find a big this guy's gonna try. And surprise attack back let's go try again find a bigger began Oh old that was close trying tail, button bite bigger they go let's try and get him Oh see they've got abilities that we don't have yet they go there you go oh we.

Got the are fast we'll say you can't get the other team viral I'll make sure. To unlock them for the next video and yeah let's we're just going to be trying to get to the top of the leaderboard for. This video in my second go which, I know is a bit hard to believe but we'll try our best let's check them how do we get up oh it's just wow 24 seconds that's. Long is there a way to come up instantly I'm not, sure why as I said I'm still new to this game guys whoa I'm worried I think we're gonna get the kill whoa whoa I don't know if I. Got that tail bite excuse me if I were really sore throat today. I have been I've been fun honey whoa we just got another kill I've been sick for the past few days so my voice might be a little perky I, need to concentrate go both powers we can use both boro boro boro boro boro decomp instantly. I don't know so confused, whoa whoa that guy just trickshot at the house he's got the agility the the agility ones pretty good as well think we should run run oh oh there you go. We got it we've got the kill still leveling up are we on the leaderboard yet no not yet we awesome if you guys could use the, ESM tag as you played oh oh this is my second time everything is so I'm happy to, be still alive we don't get to the top of the leaderboard in this video I will attempt it for the, second one whoa okay I'm just gonna run I'm gonna run I'm gonna run, cuz these guys want to tell bite me bigger guy there you go we've got tail bite on. This stop that dude that dude and I'm gonna I'm gonna always got another kill I'm gonna, burrow run run run run run away run away run away I just I just wanna get on the leaderboard and be safe that that, is all like tiny little blobs are I wonder when when we get the animal skin done I've seen other logs wearing the get, out the way get out of the way I am coming for you whoa it's harder to move when you're bigger. That guy was trying to trying to do the agility trip on me I'm gonna borrow to me easily surprise attack someone no you, guys just if you want to track this game super. Fun just make sure to use the ESM tag if you're subscribe and you must subscribe smash that subscribe button down below and give this video a like let's get. This guy's guy oh look my poo BOTS and he just. Got killed no no no we don't do we yes another not the revolution we've got Todd tides forward and we've got war they.

Creatures around you run away they stomp from the ground round the enemies for five seconds whoa whoa ah we I didn't, know we had a I guess it chose a certain. Randomly for us let's try it out we've got to know we got deep we're at level four on, here's a big guy let's try and get him alright alright Oh I'm so scared I, don't know though I don't want to die yet I'm still young no can we can we can we I need.

That tail bite give me that tail bye give me that bite yes yes we got another kill we've we've we've leveled, up we've leveled up that's amazing front front no clue run run run run but no. We killed us darn it your guys so we've leveled back up again and this time I'm choosing charge let me go we just need to get out of here so I'm charging oh there we, go got few hits and yeah I chose the charge because it's really good to get away from doing trouble, we're still not on the leaderboard I'm gonna be trying to get on let's go try and find a few. More kills okay I'm gonna hide here and lunge out when I can there you go there you go got the.

Kill and now raw hit him on to the bomb hit him. On the bottom hit him on the bottom hide your skin so cool I wonder if there are there other. Skins get the kill we need to get this kill there you go we got we. Got bite we got we killed him we were on the leaderboard with number six I didn't even notice. Again so number one that would be amazing come on nearly there No yeah the annoying thing about this game is when you start. Again you start from level one so we're gonna give this another shot in, our future video if you guys enjoyed this commentary smash the like button subscribe if you haven't already subscribe to my second channel and join my discord links will be in the, description and yeah I'll see you many apps in the next video stay awesome. Guys .