He's right there guys have arrived freaking they're ready don't stitch me we're going to play creature that are your right now guys I cannot leave this game I need to play this, game once in a while I'm going to try to use another skill combination I have no idea if this, will work but it yeah if it works then I'm happy about it I'm always going for lunch because, lunch is the best thing no no lunch is actually not the best thing I need to change that in something else we need, to get the horse by my body why don't you want to buy my bar it's right here don't why are you not. Focusing 1 but at the same time ok nice, I need sprint sprint is very important come on keep on going keep on going that's what I'm talking about alright guys let's go. To the guy in the first place he is supposed to be right here maybe, we can get bite him I hope that's possible if that's not possible then I might need, to get mad alright guys that guy might lose his body and we got him out why are we not eating his body, come on come on come on three two one and there you go guys that is what I'm talking about gamma guys calm we got a guy. And we what the hell is wrong with that we definitely touched his brother I am NOT gonna quit guys I need that sweet. Little oh I am NOT going to give up I am NOT going to give, up I got it okay nice okay this time we go to use stock okay I cannot boost if I use stock. It's important to know so we are going to use stock to get um some free points let's go and try. This out guys let's go and try that okay this guy's in the first place wait a second three two.

One and he is supposed to be right here come on okay he's on the. First place oh my god guys what the hell we touched it I'm actually getting mad right now alright okay come on come on guys come on, okay that, that we feels right there guys something is going on right here oh my god oh my god guys we actually did bite him I have no idea guys I'm going to use roar okay come, on come on come on come on okay okay this guy I want this guy over here. I am going away guys all right keep on going keep going this guy, really wants to kill me but I'm not letting myself die not yet I will get to him and then I will eat him but not not now now it's, not the right time this guy is very interested in me he's, in the first place and he wants his points back I'll make sure the third place is not doing great okay guys now where am I now where the, hell am I did you see that guys I am freaking wide okay that means that I am uh. That I'm in the first place I guess or. That I have a lot of points like 30k go on and there you go guys you thought you could eat me you are a fool okay. God that guy's definitely going to try to kill me and now it's not gonna work guys, better we actually bought touched each other that's pretty cool right why is. He still following me I am supposed to be oh my god guys look I need to go away right all right unless you're the first place guys I'm not even kidding. I am in the first place I'm gonna fish I didn't know how it did that but I'm going to get this, guy over here and we got him we actually got him guys realms the 40, K points we got definitely won me okay I need to go oh my, god somebody ate me all right come on come on come on come on come on come on come on oh no oh my god guys okay they're all biting, me they are all biting me guys I did not know that it was this hard is to be in, the first place I'm not in the first place anymore guys I got reduced a lot, well that means that we got one job we need to get back on the first place that was very close love surprises that. Guys there we go there you go guess who we and we got a bag oh we killed him guys. Oh my god guys we are back in the first place which is, not great actually I think everyone is going to kill me I'm going away I am invisible you don't know that I'm alive oh how did he know. How did he, know that was weird okay no no oh my god that's so much luck how can you be dead lucky guys how can you be dead lucky and oh my god guys how can you be deaf freaking. Lucky come on come on guys what else, wrong with me okay I'm probably gonna die yes I am I'm dead I'm. Dead guys oh no I'm not even dead but I am pretty small and this is pretty cool people keep biting me and I'm still not dead I. Can't believe it at least no one is following me okay Wow okay that wasn't my side but that's how I called that let's go girls go whee come. On come on come on come on let's wait a little bit guys wait a little bit then I'm. Going to use the. Same trick that he used on me Annabelle you are going to die you are going to die right freaking now let's go, let's go let's go let's go let's go oooh okay guys that was great okay the guy in the first place is right here let's go oh my god guys oh. Yeah guys okay I did it back but oh my I'm dead I'm freakin dead no look at that right there guys can we kill. It can. We go and get it guys and we got very close that's insane how can you do that come on come on come on guys oh we got him how to, help in ER we got him right there, what the hell's wrong with me my luck is definitely not what okay now you cross the line great sir that area what the hell is this I. Know you're watching right now by the way just update your game I guess all right guys come on come on come on come, on oh that's insane all right guys now let's go in you stalk, we got to sneak up to someone with loads of points and then we gonna kill it okay we don't thanks show me your things yeah that's what. I'm talking about where is it gun okay there you go guys that's what I'm talking about oh my god guys it actually. Worked it actually work. Guys and let's keep on going let's keep on going on oh no there we go we can guys that we did. It again no let's keep on going guys keep on going come on they no no no no no no please don't do it. No no all right I'm going away you don't see me you don't know where I am right now so close so oh my god oh. That guy's interested in me but I don't know what's wrong with him Wow I mean, is this gonna take and there you go guys I am going to evolve and of course I'm going to use stock and the next thing we're going to do, is very simple we're going to find someone with a lot, of points and then we're going to eat his buddy come on come.

On oh you better run away you know the status I got status around here guys there's a lot, of people right there I am heading that way oh yeah guys that's what I'm talking about but this time, we're going to use charge because without charge you cannot be in the first place for a long time because charge gives you an escape let's go guys that's bigger oh my god guys I cannot, believe that I cannot believe that. Guys are so close one second guys is it true I was aiming for that a guy. But that guy was also pretty good we got a lot of points from him so that's not bad okay three we-we-we come on come on come on and there you, go guys there you go guys up BAM oh okay okay okay this sucks boss and what the hell am i doing okay that. Guy definitely wants to try me wait is that it's a corrupt. Ex like okay guys well never mind come on come on guys and I'm going in I'm going in I'm going in and there, you go corrupt eggs I hope he's a real, one okay well I am invisible now what are you going to do what are you going to do, you better oh okay guys that was very close and now guys no no no no no okay please right there. Guys right freaking there better don't snitch me alright alright come on we did dodge that so that's pretty good alright come on come on come on come, on very great very great bit it's okay it's okay three two, one come on come on man okay I know I know I knew he would do that so yeah that's my counter for. It we are invisible guys oh my god you just snitched me you just snitch me. Guys and I almost got him in there you go guys I know I keep on messing up I want to kill that guy you better run, oh my lord okay guys I think we can actually do this and there you go guys and I'll count messed up I messed up guys I have.

50k points I'm almost on, the first place but still I need to get that guy is he dead oh my god he's dead you killed him why, did you kill him oh we got him guys he is dead guys whoo okay this guy I need to get this guy come on come on come on come on come on, come on oh my god guys come. On gonna stop stop stop stop okay now let's get back no no no no no don't snitch me and he steers me better oh my god guys. Okay I just bounced him away you know what I'm going to offer myself to. The noobs and now I have 71 K points and I'm just going to offer myself to the news guys, but I got one more chance I know what else guys are you okay thank you for stopping me though to get that, guy oh yes guys we finally got him we finally got him guys now I can die, happily everyone can eat me do you want to eat me you can eat me go I'm, all yours my booty is all yours okay guys I really enjoyed this game and I hope the developers update their game so we can try. New skills I think that would be amazed let's go and end it okay you can have me you can have me yo. Go go eat me eat me come on come on good job and there you go guys okay we just died okay now I'm. Going to end it thankfully this video if you liked it make sure to drop a like. Subscribe share with our friends not going to see you in the next video . .