Hello hello welcome to the Calico game show I'm your host calico and today we have a brand new i/o game called creature io. And I've seen a little bit about this game I've seen some other youtubers do it and it looks pretty cool these things look adorable, I don't know much about it besides what I've seen on YouTube so without further ado let's get started okay so I use the. Mouse that makes sense okay I just evolved let's do let's do lunge yeah oh gosh run away run away look at how cute I am there, we go AHA okay I'm so adorable I'm so cute, Oh run away run away run away oh man I'm, just so cute look at me eating these little things oh gosh run away run away run away I don't know if I'm doing any if I'm doing something right or wrong oh gosh no no. Oh oh gosh run away uh I died I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead, okay I think I'm getting the hang of this no kidding me I think is getting, eaten yes so this is a cute little thing I think I'm gonna use the Sprint Evolution this time all right yeah I'm getting the hang of this just a. Bit so I'm supposed to protect my back and I'm realizing this now sprint sprint, for your life Oh am I gonna get try to get you they're gonna try to eat me aren't they okay Oh thank you I'm such, a jerk oh man okay let's read I wait whoa that thing had wings that had wings so. Cute it's just so cute but they're kind of murderous aren't they they're eating each, other stabbing each other in the back it's like they're adorable but they're deadly oh gosh run away run away run away run away.

No no no I am NOT putting. No just nope just no right right there oh yeah guess I'm burrowing I ate him Hey doo-doo-doo-doo, Doge gonna get you oh gosh no no no no oh no my cute little creature got eaten is horrible man ah, well let's do a guillotine this time I like being fat well nope nope nope get away get away from me, okay I gotta get to a thousand points so that I can burrow haha tables have turned crazy nuts.

I'm gonna get you I'm gonna get you it's quite annoying things are so cute but they're just so evil aadum what's the. Heck how are you still running yeah get away from me what yeah get away from. Me you jerk nope nope nope nope nope nope ah I die I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead, I'm dead shut up better better get away from me what did I do to you know it hurts okay let's do sprint No get away from me ooh that was scary I.

Managed to survive somehow I don't, know how that worked out get away from me oh gosh no nope nope nope I somehow I'm, alive still I don't know how that happened no Numa bear get away look at me eating these little things what, am i eating are they the souls of those departed this just took a very dark turn I want to get you gonna get you ha rekt Oh getting a little bit decided, man I'm just savage Oh a fun little game though I'm gonna get you. Ha oh boy I'm taking far too much pleasure in this oh that's not good I gotta get out, of here survival of the fittest gotcha Oh whew I was scary come.

On come on yeah I just brutal man just totally brutal get away from me gonna get you what what happened Oh golly gee Oh get away, from me candy I want some candy candy candy ha ha I just got. Some candy oh that one's flying I'm running get away from me get away you nope nope I don't like it Oh somebody saved me from you oh man that was stressful that was, really. Stressful that was so weird ate him yeah this game is pretty brutal I don't even know what I'm doing I just amazing chasing tails I get so irritated when. Other people do exactly what I'm doing there it's so much fun my sociopath it might be might very well be well I think that's about gonna do. It, for this episode of the Calico gameshow I hope you had some fun I know I did eating creatures and being a creature being eaten and all that good stuff if you, liked what you saw leave a like if you want to see more of this ridiculous feel free to subscribe I'll really.

Appreciate it so anyways see you later peace .