The minute he's ready again come on come on come on guys come on and do we got someone to play creation, that are you right now I told every youtuber to not make a video about this and this is the respond I get okay check. This out is this Sarah here he has 47 K subscribers all right come on come on let's go check his channel are okay okay this is the video. Check this out I cannot be disrespected like this no youtuber can. Disrespect me well actually you don't own the game so everyone can make a video about it like this video wait way what. The hell did you say right wait hello users air rape oh I want to make a video but greater than. That you can I do it fit no you cannot exactly we could not make a. Video about it because I made it feel your body first and he's still making a video about it okay Oh so. This is how we treat each other on this platform okay let's go play this game right now your oh, I actually want to show you the perfect ability combination with disability combination you can literally kill everyone first you're going to choose lunge lunge is very. Important it makes you very fast for one second and that's it but you just jump forward and you, have a chance that you hit somebody's ass he's supposed to. Be right here oh oh what the hell is this oh my god how the hell am I not hearing his his his bum is poopy place I don't want to. Say it my feet is gonna get demonetised we need to get more points more points, is more food who is that over there okay you better don't hit me or else I'll get mad I have never. Been more than three minutes in the top ten so that's uh you're gonna change that today we gotta make sure that we stay. In the first, place keep on farming guys keep on farming I really want crazy that I yell to update their game make a fourth ability that will be insane alright let's, go guys let's go oh my god that guy just hit me. But he's not going after me which is cool that guy definitely was all my god how did he, hit me how did it happen I was almost gonna evolve come on I hate this game I hate this game so much you're alright.

Come on come on come on let's go and fight this guy let's go and fight this guy come on three two water let's go a jumper get his, Louie alright guys there you go so what. Should we choose I'm going for no guys I'm going for stalk is this the perfect combination now I'm going for Bureau I'm going for Bureau let's go guys let's, go alright I see somebody right here guys I wish I could kill him and he is gone he is gone that's. A lucky son of a square s yeah, there we go guys like that's a sweet little bite for us oh my god guys, okay wait a minute wait a minute guys I need probably need to burrow myself see you later there you go don't mess with me yeah we got him and, here we go guys oh my god oh oh okay wait a minute wait a minute guys wait a minute Oh oh my god I just. Need to level up and then I might Oh did you see that guy's the, perfect counter against the stupid tiger roar is the best best thing look at this guy's, look at this okay okay oh wow oh so close I was so close I almost could have killed him what, the hell is he doing just come back right now I'm a freaking tiger I'm a freaking tiger okay oh my oh. Yeah guys oh yeah there you go guys we got him how many points do we have 15k, points incredible okay one second guys one second people are following me for. Some reason oh my god stop following me guys stop following me gamma we need points oh my god he somebody just bite me I'm probably gonna die if this keeps going. I need to go oh no I don't know what just happened right there but now I gotta start all over okay the, perfect combination, is perfect better I need to work on my skills I definitely need to work on my skills you've got some tricks okay I'm gonna leave you can't catch up one second guys one second we, got someone right here why didn't I eat him right there what the hell's wrong with me.

Only okay that's a nice bite there you go come on Oh who are, you you you oh my god holy Oh Oh what the hell's going on right there what the hell's going on oh my god oh my god yes. There you go guys this is the. Hardest part shoot us should I just use stalk or borough or fly I'm probably going for fly barrel didn't, do me well because it's too hard to run away this guy's probably gonna kill me but I don't give a damn okay come on. Guys oh okay that guy is a smart one week doink doink okay we got him right there wait a sec wait a sec and. We got that guy – we are on a killing spree but we still not unlevel for. Been going guys oh oh my god guys oh my god guys oh I just I just I panicked and I used that skill over there we are. Almost level four almost come on guys, how we gotta break that oh my god how the hell is that not working come on. Keep on going and jump again now we got him nice can we get that guy over there and we got him, okay guys I actually want to chew his roar but we already choices a lot so I'm going for charge okay I'm going for charge it's an unstoppable. Force and it will bite everyone so what we go to do guys it's very simple we go to look at the map and if we see some. Yellow things right there guys there you go guys we only way we missed we missed. We missed but still still still we did got something if I see one more time on this server, you're going to get killed again if I don't do it the fatty squad will kill you okay I got shooters the abilities, ready again come on come on come on guys come on and do we got, someone and who we just got around four people right there oh my god okay I love this kill let's go away let's, go away we have the skill again let's go there and, there you go guys come on maybe we hit someone and we don't hit very close very close guys but might I might do some damage right there oke Oh. Lord oh Lord this is, not okay okay we just got him right there perfect oh I just evolved I just evolved I'm gonna put 12 K points, okay guys all right perfect I'm just gonna just like this guy's and there you go guys I, got 15 K points right now wait a second guys the guy in the first place is supposed to be right here guys right here and there you go guys who knew we, okay okay okay okay okay we did get a bite and we have 18 K points right now but I want to. Be in the first place and yeah.

I just want to be in the first place that's it the guy in the first place has a, lot of points I'm gonna try to steal it from him hopefully we can do it come on come on guys come. On come on come on hopefully we are in the right direction come on come on and we are not we we didn't we couldn't even hit him we were way too far, alright guys I am going to fly away there are way too many, people right here I just need to go away cannot be a white tiger a white tiger is probably the strongest tiger in the server. Maybe we can hit him maybe though oh wow okay that gave me a lot of points guys. That's incredible holy holy holy holy holy okay I need, to go I need to go I need about neither gonna need that need gotta go do I need to go oh my god did he hit me he didn't hit, me see you later sucker I think, he actually hit me I'm not a hundred percent sure about that cuz we're right here guys I'm going to try it I'm going to try it guys I never go, straight after a man oh my god oh my god guys oh my god okay we we got we just counter dad I'm very happy, about that we just got 23 K points if. We have five more points we go oh my god guys I'm gonna kill I'm getting killed maybe we can still save each, other come on come on oh my god guys. That the stupid egg just just killed my oh I'm messed up bro I am messed up let's get this guy oh did we got him we didn't even got him guys I'm getting killed now oh my god. Guys I'm probably gonna die wait a second guys.

Maybe we got a chance come on this is my last oh my god dog what the, hell is this oh my god okay let's go and play him let's go and.

Play him come on it's cold – Ryan it's so true right now guys I'm there you go guys – stop stop stop it need to go back what the hell is this gonna stop this yeah. I'm probably not gonna survive this guys you know what I'm going to do, guys I am going to offer myself to the noobs need to find someone just like him, just eat my ass okay eat it I'll give you one more okay okay he just refused my square ass do you know what you just. Did right there see you later suckers find someone right here baby dear GD fake I don't know what you, mean with that okay I don't creature come on just even. Eat it eat it eat it come on you can do it you can do it I believe in you I believe in you good job good job you're. Doing an extremely good job come on yes yes do it okay I'm gonna help him a little bit okay good job, okay you just leveled up I'm, going to find several more people and maybe they can level up can somebody kill me what the hell's wrong with people yeah I'm going to do a little busier place okay dragon I know you. Want me I. Know you want me dragon I'm a hundred percent positive that you want to kill me come on just kill me kill me it's not that hard kill me dragon good job good job okay just need, a little bit more I am the oh my god I'm so, cute right now somebody just kill me somebody kill me I'm. So cute right now guys do it dragon are you gonna kill me or not need me eat me he's not even interested in me anymore no just, wait for me I'm coming for you oh my god no no no no no wait how am I going to okay no dude just eat me yes finally I'm, dead that took a year fake is very if you like to mention. To drop a like subscribe say what I first I'm going to see you in the next video .