That's my oh my name is Vario Fulton today I'll be playing some creature dot IO which is a new amazing XD game you'll get the next day each other anyways Damian, Jake gon play this amazing game it's gonna be great so we're gonna start it I'm gonna play the, intro or whatever it J can I go up on the cold one so it's really a, little bit late I'm just I'm just trying to pop out the chat got him we have a new sponsor emoji it's the eggs the emoji. You need to refresh the page you need to work probably all right Jake join Europe let's go yeah all right I'm honored and, I I'm loading Slater's BTD battles is the old it's scp-616 yeah yeah yeah I'll get him oh. Oh you can upgrade your animals move faster for five seconds let's go. Let's get split them oh yeah all right eNOS I know you're not the best attire just eat the dots and avoid, contact what did you died already are you guys if you're watching this video subscribe oh look at, this tiger Wow but okay so she discourage people you suck their ass she would get to make every time this. Is not someone there's a loud donation and you get oh I hate that guy that was like ten for Easter, three months oh yeah oh I hate you Gary oh oh this game is so easy unknown creature here over here yeah so easy I lost count of, how many times I've died already why how.

Do you do it I can fight the little ball can you please play the Inga Inga Inga Inga Oh myoh games again oh well we. Are leaves already guys can you please play the intro Inga. Inga Inga winds up with the way what boner kill say you did that's the, emotion and so here tomorrow take my babies sim papi Oh same trashy let me say oh thanks for the $5 steaks thanks Aubrey for the tempeh eight pounds top donator of the day haha I. Against again or well in through music EI alright well and thank you tomorrow for $8 saying boner kill how do you. Feel martini XD I mean they say same the queue, went away and I copied this game from bleep oh I leveled up okay I need to share to unlock the bird fly above the. Competition for fall object looks wait come on you would know this game bites my ass I'm insane this keeps, punching my accident so they know I. Didn't share they know I didn't share Oscars I don't want to share I mean incognito browser what the . Lamar yeah I know I mean what it actually makes you share this game bites my ass you touch me don't touch me all yeah that's great sounds it's the gray, Sun don't touch me buddies do you know how. To play now Jake yes you just eat there but oh good I love eating em oh my god what do you mean I I, borrowed myself I went to brown butter butter butter give me the food bitch Jake I've actually naturally good at any our game I'm just, saying okay me Mom you over here. Me mean the one time I thought I died I actually ate someone and leveled up so I'm just saying I'm this good, give us more think it might but yes so yes what this is dumb the dumb that's the word. Why am I getting three is not good for power in the ground what do you mean a stupid piece of game why are we playing this game cunt uses. The heart from the big boy so much pasta from the. Beginning what was the logic behind what just happened there I don't get it so if I'm smoked and I just eat this guy how does that even, make sense I mean what now just go and eat that tiger pussy is same legs mmm. With my XDM oh she looks so gross I. Was looking away from the screen and my ass got touched I don't understand why does it like why do I, get one shot by the other people and I don't watch on them I don't understand what just happened ever they safely did Jake go it's a mess. That's what I'm going for was that was rapidly. Jump forward I mean sure out there the ones the lunge Ronnie hey why are you faster do you like them that there, I never played on the table I got Jesus all right well I'm gonna be the best one one day see not pasty which ability did you choose Jay I got London borough all right I. Will toast I'll try and really nice guys I. Don't get it is it possible that I like just legit bump into, somebody huge and just eat that I don't know how I died can I be mass whoa gives points it's not it's not what you think it is Jake she the father I'm getting mixed messages here wait, oh that I just I just completely got this. Guy come on come on three do let me know like the watch too much but it's where are, you Jake we should I'm awesome right yes so what's the what's the point of like just okay Alex what's up oh I will okay. That you bounced off that oh did someone mention cancer that is me look I'm gonna wait for cuppy he's gonna level up. And I'm gonna, eat his entire oh look at this you know just working mother No Go Go yeah Oh what someone explain this oh my god no this couldn't slomique no there was huge people down. That aisle ongoing oh my god I mean oh well they. Get smushed up my man this game actually 60 so infuriating it's so annoying oh my god I'm gonna lose my son I don't, understand how what's the various people who just push my baloney I want to die saying that was the body I didn't expect it to backfire this. Quick I'll break my mouse again eat Jake's, ass Jake where are you gonna be fitting Jake's like oh do you mean you on this game this game this game is good blitz clicksters said it's really, good and I copied his title expected to have the same result and. Think it's really good alone unknown future P Wow finally I leached, from somebody alright I'm near the middle of the middle or I am coming this person is chasing the other like alright I'm not going to the middle because somebody would be chasing me down there so, why would I am i right just get out of the monster oh come on that should have given me some points. Something I was going to myself Jake I almost killed myself I don't get it it's so weird the. Sprint ability meshes, surface yeah but it's not good eating Jake he loves money yeah breathe of course oh who doesn't actually here is a quick story I mean it's stream exclusive story so basically I, I saw that the revenue of my animal video is fine and, apparently if you do minecraft you get normal revenue now so I was considering it honestly like I, was considering doing minecraft again like some minecraft vids you know ha ha ha ha ten minutes for ads I do, recall why my last it might or Olesky by last year exactly I should try and do a 5 minute video and see if those do well because, I mean if they do wow it would be pretty fun to do please don't look at this game if that. Was a five-minute video I wouldn't have even raged yet come on three two one gimme gimme gimme, gimme ho oh come on fast J wish me good luck thank. You that worked okay I'm sorry what were you saying I I kind of bad story no it's a mean story oh my god do i tight embrace me heavily Harper's gonna. Be so yummy. – that happened to me as well I hated it body image you need to be a sponsor on the channel to use the customer bodies you become sponsored by doing five dollars off like one give me, eight don't give me eight don't. I got AIDS that's what's going on god damn it I saved my life so also Celtic Basco make the minecraft server and a video of that look I can scam, this make the minecraft server and video of that no, no I'll see – the father's sponsor everything yes boring even the really small ones can out-eat your asshole it. Annoys – when they sprint behind you – the power yeah that's what it's 25 second cooldown which sucks yes when you borrow enemies don't see you, really I am catenin master of booty eating five two dollars I mean I guess oh. Dude I'm so good Oh charge charge forward this unstoppable force biting anyone. In your way stomp the ground to slow so that the aliens make reaches around you run away you fear the charge. Let's go oh yeah booty the dough that is what it is I'm sorry Jake you evil get people yeah. I'm happy eat people I almost all right so what if I use my oh you Jake you need to level up it's actually also mm-hmm hello black bear unknown, creature you just go into each other I'll just eat you all no don't touch me I hate it with the, past with passion Jake get back here, you stole my let's just baby oh holy this is so good baba baba mido mido left little never let me to laughing why did you want to, go I can move I'm pretty much middle there's a long creature that came on me same let's go exactly me though yes. I like that. Yes being somehow some way than you are asked okay oh yeah say that I am the best I have exactly eight thousand points bumsoo honda, tiger you can become a tiger or a zebra and it cooks amazing just it I'm going I'm going down. I mean you can always try the other classes late that I just I'm gonna get ed oh that get . Bitch so sorry Jake I lost 3,000 points if that, makes a few I guess it's now that yeah I did that one again oh you cannot like oh yeah yeah but you pay extracting I don't know scope Phillip Kang game says body. Oh you should play overwatch or stream no again next week probably everyone so hit it what about monopoly I do. Love me a monopoly it was fun is it big I mean actually target this , guy with like one mass oh come on that was so close let me let, me sink that booty oh that was good yes I did Jake where do I see the weak zebra and I'm gonna no worse time to smoothly go.

Oh my god I'm running to the middle can I like scan the zebra or you borrowed as well dude, I'm gonna get ed, yeah of course I see between a tiger and a zebra oh he hosts badass it's time to, get you it see me this guy does not leave me alone jigs you wanna get schwifty where are you. Let's 50 let's get you in here where are you I'm in middle middle middle almost exactly that I am almost exactly, mid of a sir there's just a bunch of small that try to eat you that is what the small people have advantage what do you mean it's so soon what are you chicken, in the middle I'm exactly middle I, am about to be exactly now oh oh my god jeez way to die let me show. You something Jake oh my god what did you go that dude really far away that goes like really far I don't know the small ones that thank you I am a tiger oh. Come on three two one Jake I'm. The best player where are you I'm gonna charge to what hey dice mommy why did you spoil we're about to die and, save our spawn this time geez up left a bit from the, middle of left all right he'll die donate if you'd like to donate you donate with the dollar sign below the chart it gets read the stream and there is a lot of sounds in. The description so if you want to you know I'll do something really loud it's over there it's in there, it's in the description what's the number to join I just joined Europe hey no is this the gay tactic, I think I'm gonna get hey, oh my god oh my god Oh get out of G you ask Oh black post your mind yes so what attack these guys that are attacking me please okay I'm. Dead we gotta get schwifty in, here on the floor did I say on the floor in a yeah I mean whatever it wow wow wow wow he can see human reactions it's when you let off it's really fun let's, go oh this song fell you die. No it's just he he ate up by us going it was rude same-same see me and I don't like it I'm just gonna this guy in, the meantime never mind no no oh my god no no no no no no no no no no we're not saying that I'm going to. Watch the minim Jake take me senpai I'm gonna try and get that but oh my god, if I die I swear to God I can get anywhere, because I have the big mass you can probably suck my ass and then like level oh yes I mean that. Guy's ass what did you guys do what they do are so fast that's all, Oh Batman guys Batman this game just annoys me that youuuu it doesn't matter how small you are you just to with me yeah so that's really, is that over ha ha how do you do that think if you'd like to sponsor, links in the description you get some custom emojis just say for me passively move 10% faster activate to jump short distance that seems to be the. Best one actually agility is the best one Jake oh no I can I can I'm liking the nope they dig you can. up with the agility you haven't tried out my boy stability active he jumps behind the enemy and 6th at Haskell, it's really retarded leave me alone you, have a tiny one and I can chase you will be come on Toby. I'm in the middle of middle I mean the me no and I'm gonna eat from this big guy it's actually I don't exactly. Like it this guy doesn't good he decided oh my god body weight my ask oh no I didn't shut up chat anyway I, only your ass go if you donate all Jesus up there just him I mean yeah that's probably bad but yeah and, say 3 2 1 come on oh no yes yes yes yes you're mine you're mine are, you cunt so is dead oh no aah oh my god that guy just the second die – he borrowed. A nan unburden a my ass yeah no that's so stupid they did that to, me as well but so I this guy in this guy Lavasa because of its same I got me why you got attacked shot like that Hey, mmm why I'm that this guy won't let me let me go yes I she still won't let me go, you you asshole JC such guys no indeed no Paige you made a mistake you're. Gonna die what's the point of these I flee G oh my god, – as well just just just just turn around – push him in the head I've been doing this for nothing yes that no he borrowed himself and therefore T that cap oh wow, [Applause] to you by Burger King oh my god I was Burger King but, I'm eating Quixote some fog burger see I did I loved it if I, can borrow stress so good oh my god Jake's one of them now I'm one of them I was the burger to take, a picture I was sleeping oh yeah whoever burrows second wins by the way but what if they don't, have Part III I am quite what do ye how, did I did I how did I not see that guy how did I not see that guy yeah what did what did. You oh he did in a box of apples this morning oh yeah I did tweet the in from the. Grocery store I went to the grocery store and I took a picture of their apples and I was like Lowe's breakfast, right but I kinda wanted to kill myself but I made some opposite it was actually good hope. She's come me he's committed this game is sauce to this game so maybe charge charge I'm gonna get 40 knife are they crazy food in Bulgaria. I just don't like it the super chat widget is so loud my my ears are the really loud it's it's loud as ever I think, Oh cat man hey like a cat man well how'd I I don't have a probability. For Cades love you blame mob there is there is nothing that can get me to play mob daughter yet, unless someone donates a lot actually look this games kinda retarded so. If someone donates 20 bucks you can suggest an i/o game play and you can be in the game oh my god no but it needs to be an i/o, game at least I was the tiger for like 10 seconds how do you even get the, tiger you keep growing and you become a. Zero to next ability yeah but you still I don't know it just gives it to you I know it's at zero you just don't get different abilities. you Pikachu asshole I hate people who do on loose loose like that would lose just to with. Me what is that what is this place game of life next stream no no probably not next dream I. Don't know we'll see next dream is is it Thursday not Tuesday Wednesday or next time it's Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday I. Don't know what we're playing to borrow actually maybe some minecraft because I wanna play bad wars I actually.

Wanted to kill for bad words like yesterday and today and the other day and every day every it's every day bro we, have got to stop that is it every, day it's every day bro play fidgets they're cheesy bites so I hope you enjoy outs finish my round and I'm gonna play space dot IO ideas brought to you, by Pizza Hut endure cheese by to stop talking about food in my chart cheesy bicester thank you very much, also Raven you got ed you're probably watching three views Batman I'll just bury themselves the only option at this point you can bury. In sick that asshole when they go on oh yes no he is bleeding stop your pick of the VG steel monopoly. No it's not monopoly, it's change you just need to control shift f5 no goddamnit no see we're pranks bees right oh Jesus, de nada – change at $39 Oh ah qjp MP MP smile if you can bunnies up your sleep with IO, games you can kitten it up some more with Jake Jake Jake Jake I'm back fi for afresh guys guys guys Jake sound broke my broadcast I need a pic on, a baby Jake your son broke my computer my game is lagging right now, cuz this is Jake Jessica can you can check is my stream loading or did it worked a. Little did my stick did Jake I need to check if my stream still works I'll check no don't have what they what. Did knows yeah is it bad guys oh is it back is. It back we back boys are we back it is it is it back or is it retarded because YouTube sucks I'm I straining – does it work now right yet just say 11 if you.

Hear me 11 yeah cuz otherwise the sponson a. Specific this guy can still it is same my game slagging my OBS is lagging Jake sucks D you're, welcome does it actually work 11 there is no 11th this website feels bad all right let's betray to this, YouTube us another test just say say 32 if it works it works guys 32 I am NOT DDoS I have. Internet geez 32 it came like you type random it's actually supposed to be it, says stream resumed and it's not resumed Oh what is YouTube very good website yeah, I'm eating this tiger no one's gonna sit I'm gonna die you you in I saw what you try to do real good does the same, work can anyone see guys pumps pump some spam same in the chat if it. Works I respond something there is too many little less around me oh boy people . That miss it works right this game name what does this button do sleep so this donation was brought to you by Trojan condoms even more same. The same is the same that is the same as text Oh Alfred seven seven seven. That's what this button do you you for using the ty classroom , ass for that I killed them all I'm the zebra now that's the biggest animal I'm actually number one oh my god maybe you become a tiger, when you're number ten and when you're number one you're the. Zebra 44,000 score not bad jealousy is a zebra don't know there is no more abilities that's it hey Jake Jake, check I want to give you my mass where are you nowhere else you know actually I can't run here. Who are you me no or I should let's go to the middle we go you're the right one cuz you're I think, it's booty straight down straight down alright these guys said some of my ass go there I'll just kill this guy cuz he was annoying no it's Laxus, I'm gonna kill Lexus you like that I'm changing I'm gonna give my master. Jake and then I'm gonna play some spins customer donated 20 bucks for species he's invisible hurry where, are you Jake I'm trying to calm him Raven is around me as well dude I'm there's too many people around your doom oh, my god take my baby stem puppy oh wait let me kill this guy drinking game every, time I say same night you Lexus so I hate the mob all right Jay go I just jumped towards we cure why would the okay. I'm trying to play I was doing the fridge it didn't work oh you're becoming bigger LM, eat this get ready all right look now okay we like go and the first guy now at least the stream is back. Lots of yours but okay I. Find him oh no oh no this isn't good is it not good I'm Kimora G okay but it's gone now another girl one go all right I'll become a tiger now , yeah yeah I'm dizzy somehow I'm still the zebra I'm number two and you're number five oh Jesus, touch me wait I'm gonna get a bit closer all right this is actually such. A good combo the screen this scream is really good the run it is kind of so you kind of hide that is.

Hype what is this next to me are you next to me yeah is, he burrows on top Oh perfect oh oh my console but not us here boy I didn't eat you. Look Jake I'll him up Syd do you wanna 1v1 no, actually I wanna exit and go play some spins so this won't be one then I'll you mom well you wanna watch i what the my number one sport no. You cheated countdown or anything little bitch the Mishnah some little bitch is it like this one go go go go go. Yummy Scooby oh I suck at this game the love ball you you Jake I'll give you my maths where. Are you you'll be my legacy lodges all right order oh you can't know what the I just thought you didn't what. Did that don't you what. I'm dad well I know what before that one one of the other ones and your birthday ones oh wow wow how cool, axis what you know is a bad word right there yikes these people stop trying to touch me you're not not with me stopping no come. On I know you're strong uh no Jay don't go they'd like to get to you and you keep running, away are you god I switch from soupy this is he saying I was going to donate to veggie go but he's, not here please sleep with someone keep it potato keep it I I count on you to. Keep thanks potato I didn't visit but once you Jake I'll just charge, you there is a CD spins I'll code they're important in the corner all we know about that I made this game, sucks I I mean I'm really good at it so I'm just gonna feed these guys. Come on eat me suck me come on eat it eat it you I said eat it okay you get it you Jay come on chirper come on eat it, oh they don't Jake Raven Raven I killed you so. Many times just eat my I'll eat out of my favorite game spins that come on jack box Oh body of my neighbors mmm yeah do it again – go on, oh he'll in yeah he'll to the yeah oh look does not look okay god I even just eat eat of, it come on that I'm trying to. Give it to like nice people oh nice good we got him all right it's time for some spin see do I need to log into that problem, let me grab a new town I don't think a wife already logged in so, who cares login with Facebook yummy I'll just I can be the, body of energy oh yeah oh hey look I want to subscribe a hell now y'all know he'll know right specific I get a free spin uh. Oh a free spin huh that's for you tomorrow let's go Wow should I in the future make. A body for today oh yes tomorrow just put all the feels good could be. Bad should in the future I make hey I didn't see your one oh thanks little for saying my name right my beer accent. Gang gang bang bang that this is me gang gang bang bang yeah I'm us peace our life we can feel the same server boo boo, is number one on my server yeah nice spin the tire, is the game it is mmm artistic game you mean whatever honestly I think that's our only based on what game you play and I don't know if these more a dice, so people beaver is already what the is even playing this probably not soupy if you were gonna donate this to which it just. Probably like donate more to Jake. Unless you wanted that anima flavor oh that was so funny when I showed this to which it like he hasn't really been dreaming in the past, like three four five days something like that I don't know what I was something like that Becky's got a ditch me, look where is he whether you're going to, London uh 21st to 23rd of October it's it's in like a month a month I'm gonna get like to boo ditch the Ikes no you should don't hire us to talk to you I, can get the internet for sure, you have data you can be like her eyes her Sidon Junior sign up to the CX network – oh yes so you can like get viewers and they can like spam you with, nice messages that that's what the niceness you say just go and try to, what they do someone that is so funny I'll donate if you want to do somebody Oh what do you do everyone at least you guys, are honest I ice besides on omegle oh good I love. Ice cream it's great it's just always broken what is the invite link, here you got the margarin focaccia it's literally the only server it should have just pressed you know it's longest booboo we invite link yeah I just need his number to stay your when you sit in, the chat it should be the chap that's, not the link that's actually my twittering no the link anyone referred to that's what you say yeah not a nice person before real easily getting offended nowadays XD all right. So what are we going Jake I am going to. Was blossom left at the moment I mean sure it's just like I'll probably crush my spinner in someone's forehead I think I'll do the thing. When you go in the corner it's dated 10 the most like to. Get in office Batman give me all your mass watching me let's do pizza hi oh I, feel more tired at all and you know who played this for only like 10 minutes there's. Only a few months since I stopped spinning my vision spinner is my life I stopped spinning my fidget spin that I put it in the drawer and, I haven't touched it in like a month don't even bring it to this house you should, bring it your work so the clench only is is going into the corner so you did you just go let's see. If it still works but it doesn't work it doesn't work yes, oh is it going to everyone oh and by we I mean you should crash into boo boo I should get the message good I mean you, should like usually smallness from him but I'm better no dude I'll wreck you do you want to go JD remember. No is that how you always the kids be cheating on me that's true but I will. Just check something bill equ oh you found booboo yeah what is it just me what is boom is chasing me how it's not just me now it's just all right I don't. Know if he's chasing me or not it gives popular my screen that was actually left the milettis. This widget spinner because. It's the covered one I know I will play cuz you can't donate it to plan that's oh yeah that's true. I forgot you mean blank on blank space dot IO it's not a clickbait we played we played creature dot IO for 40 minutes it's just we have a row if someone donates. $20 with an IO game in the things we play so we just got 20 bucks and now it spins spins no, one should donate 20 and change. The game's over a third of the tire and that I can just quit the steam you'll be amazing only one that's bunt is deep, dot IO volume my mom said not to don't I tell you know Jake shut up don't do it when you're the one that asked for, this game and can't get in the server oh yeah that sucks I swear to god don't touch me I, mean you're not really missing out too much to be honest to be 100% honest oh it's boo-boo. But boom can one-shot this I. Need to run away it will give you a boo-boo Oh God boo-boo one shot yep another guys or can i play I can't play on America oh wow, I was gonna offer to play on you can join tomorrow but that doesn't work well I mean if you. Go on the game and just click Europe and no click I don't know actually wait if not choose region can you even join the more button well.

No true delete the, yeah I sent the link in the chat which tell it lags this is a Europe the war is getting Scout hey. It was to change the game I'm getting scanned I'm here spinning a feature spinner in the end of 2017 what do you mean do you know half mile, now I don't I wish this roleplay it actually gives me 9 dates, like I'm just not clicking on that hey so what if she watches it it's probably nice to everyone I don't know, whatever kids entertainment the scammer gets count yeah I mean kinda yeah I mean I did I'm not scamming anyone please never scouting never never and never ever, have i, scammed anyone that's life or whatever Jacob which must you have all right I'll get 700 can fight now it's not enough that I'll find your to even touch me, I'll find you in Gucci already sick be here for second out of that school that's like it's yeah just like a get on a. Sucking what's the next one don't be sad. I guess well we sure yeah I I don't play a girl for like ten minutes probably $2.00 said how does tails fly does he like Gang Gang or, does his tail bang bang I hit boo-boo it's, mine alright God let's go I mean you can do a guardian you want on yeah if you want if you don't like that one you can skip I let me get, the party mode at Amara you better be able to play now should we. Play on South America you sure you want to leave the sides yes I do you want would you lag on Europe tomorrow yellow graphics, the retina maybe it was space the gifts J they gave me a gift oh my gosh, wow thanks they gave me gifts going to the Facebook yeah, oh that daily quest eat two viruses forty year baby our link I want to create, one and copy and play link where the link do I do in the mega chat and in my oh yes zero friends I'm about to get a lot of friends here my facebook nervous yeah, Jake why not show your Facebook have anything okay keep the video muted. The whole time it's more convenient that we shut the look at Facebook yeah exactly music just watch the game play play as guests hmm agario oh yeah, Jake. Jake you're 63 hey excuse my friend hey buddy midget buddy pal it was the gold I sent the cold what do you mean this is the cold do you do, role play no it's it's what sovereign is first oh that's my teammate, never mind so dinger are we getting the people in the game oh I need some different music exposed let's see but I want some some. Some airbed some yeah some of this Oh be there soon hey I think we should Britt said no need to mute Jake for, five bucks when you can mute both, of them for free that's right I don't wanna play this game don't start a panic Oh say, master holy knots Jake I want to check if we can eat each other well no we can never like because a little swastika what do you mean see you can't have that online on a gun I. Lost a stupid stuff six, years ago the other means that ty to like Facebook has ty memes stops coming tomorrow there was problem joining the party everyone else join I don't. Know how it works it's literally a guard at IO ports wash twice. Like caesarian can you only have five people in the party we have more no I know it's more than five Jake you only see, the top pipe oh I ate likes to say that before Oh Jake Jake is there he sits, Jake please drop me I'll pass out BAM you see me where midget J me it's in the bottom left know it there. Is an arrow oh you see an error yeah it's an arrow towards, you Jake you see the top five people but they change so yeah the party's there is a lot of people the mass is 25 I want to sleep on cüneyt sleep when Marcus. Hey whenever I get one but Dmitri the immediately. Fat that blue cell why this is me look at this Jake get over here why he's retarded to split like that though, oh come on yum yum yum yum yum yum yes Didrik what the is this I. Just need to bank my body inside of his blue cell before he merges and is merging yeah Jake I split. The deck or not that sounds like a yes sounds like a no is following that I need to talk to virus no eat to eat to virus society oh, I. Think I keep eating Bobby I swear if you don't give it back up oh he's just give it back alright whatever no, I just want meat on it i'm retarded i'm retarded i was into someone huge i split and then the second I split they know Bobby Bobby oh look that's classic king. That's the guy I ate 10 seconds ago oh oh oh history repeats itself I'm. The best player on the planet yeah Bobby get the up no no no they're, split Derick splitting I mean Bobby just just just just don't follow me or something I don't know I'm trying to not eat it not good there is, like five, people around the states I mean he gave it back thanks Bobby or whatever isn't it $50 for any game on jackbox yeah but don't do $50 I don't want to play Jack no. Actually well I mean if someone does it now play jack box actually someone donate $50 so I can play jack, box with Jake and all of you how about that double, it then ice come Jake he said my god eaten because Bobby Starr and all the other players were here is that Europe yeah I shall do North America justice, like okay all right there we go here is the lucky move oh it is the new Lincoln's, place for me this was an a it's a little bit luckier for me but. It's my link oh yeah whatever just play on that one for like five minutes I'm playing for like just five more. Minutes for our out this is our just played for Swiss cannot playing jack box for free I don't wanna play jack box double the video. Read I'll play five minutes of this and I think and then I'm ending the. Stream Juwanna she whacks it'll be fun to chip and, it's actually what do you how do you donate if you wanna donate is the dollar sign right below the chart row. Close the video shut up thing oh look it's a piece of mass oh god what, – blah blah blah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah same oh that was so close and a server scum that, is the cold so I don't know people it's shut up bridge no you're not saying. Because of you it's a moment gave me something well it's a nice Oh yum yum yum oh yeah ha ha ha come on I know, you want it oh that was not enough actually no one could join this American server out of no virus just did I get allergy did. That bite us just spawn inside of my strengthen – did I mispronounce it all the time, laughing no I can't be by far to pass play I'm haunted Bree Bree Bree YouTube's extinct wait – just send oh yeah I have to login. This team that I yeah Jake some fun , thanks so much guys for watching if it this is what really scuffed look guys this might my my program right and it says dropped frames zero connected green guys it's green. YouTube just sucks so thanks for watching if you enjoyed make sure to leave a like today YouTube has just. Been going up and down so, whatever make sure to go Jake stream finish Jake's link we're gonna play some jack box aids one one one I'm just gonna be there for 10 minutes bro see you. Guys leave a like leave a like well. That's like a nice intro outro actually well yeah alright see guys you think it's better well it's good. For now see that's the thing today it was just up and down up and down so thanks so much for everyone who donated I mean it's been an hour of stream and the stream. Went down three times and all three times was YouTube so, I mean it just lets go on Jake's stream whatever don't Jake stream on that. Yeah now it works well same it does work now but yeah be on Jake's stream for a bit so, you can just go and do that nam yo throat don't let the forest do you like a head leave a like even. Like you're like .