Much xp we’re almost maxed animal ready this is one massive tiger I would not mind one big one right now he’s name is pro okay you’re pro let’s see how pro you really are this got Vince, wise let go what is he doing like what is. That I don’t even know he’s just like going for my tail somehow ey why are you flying over me no no this is. Not fair why is he doing that like I want to do that okay please no no no don’t like. Happy why she’s so much more powerful what is this when in doubt fly it, out oh that worked well okay oh what what why what did I just die how did he do that we literally collided face-to-face were, just like BAM face the face and somehow he killed me I’m not. Sure I’m gonna use agility I’m pretty sure this is the one that he was using okay okay I’m using this I’m actually having a lot.

Of fun right now I just want you to not number ones vibe he says underground there’s just so many abilities to counter you spend a lot. Of time trying to get like throw at this game, you know oh are you kidding me oh boy how many I just kill I just help myself with my own ability I, swear I gotta get good I’m so close to the next animal I. Got a time in this right okay I got I got no yes okay I still think fly is the best ability for my second ability I’m gonna go with that.

K or something like that no those oh don’t go after me okay I want this come on oh oh I always got how big fit, we’re full teeny bit right now please don’t kill me he’s using this busca but all. Charging I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore this is so intense remote is officially turned on and when gropo goes on like there’s nothing they can do come, on I’m gonna fly over again as Swift but I get it let’s, go let’s go I got it oh no no no come on oh oh I think I just broke my head say oh oh mine no. No no no I swear oh shoot thing all messed up okay good news my headset isn’t. Broken but I almost did okay I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m raging over this game I don’t know why beyond it’s like I got to number one. I chief to all my goals I think that was a pretty good time for playing for my, first time you know I’m a noob but I got, decent at this game creature dial guys make sure stop work on this video if you haven’t already you subscribe if you are new and we becoming you know if. You enjoy this video leave any other. Video ideas just live atomic guys you know I always enjoy reading your comment share this video if you want that.

Legendary status you want to help the nation army grow to fifty thousand subscribers and yeah thank you guys so much for watching into the end of this video and frog the sport. And I’ll see you in the next one peace .