Hello hello welcome to the Calico game show I'm your host calico and today we are playing creature dot IO I'm excited to get back into it because I, want to try out some different builds I saw some stuff online and I'm interested in trying to figure out what works best and what doesn't work at all so without further.

Ado let's get into. The game so I want to earn my tiger stripes I want to be at least in the top ten before we finish tonight and I'm excited to, do it let's make it happen I'm here mere unknown creature yeah so one of the, things I do like about this is I can pretty much just catch up with anybody just by being faster than them and I suspect you know some, people are just gonna get, away oh that was awful mere Justin mere Justin is agility – I'm never gonna catch up to him Cinnabon has agility also here he has run so I can get away with with and he's gonna run away. And I'm gonna catch up to him eventually huh oh whoops, I didn't mean to use that well I kind of messed things up mayor snuggles, when I get you and so we got our agility we can collect these things faster which is kind of cool I, need to remember not to use it on anybody that's oh gosh I need to remember not to use on anybody that's bigger than me see, this is uh it's so frustrating so I'm gonna aggressive piglet yeah agility oh yeah that was good that was really, good oh why don't you use your power Cuero hahahaha we both have the same, thing oh come on you jerk, oh I hate this game sometimes I really do nope she's nope and right out of there yes okay next I'm going to use you know what use fly just fly to get, away yes oh yeah that was good oh no no no no yes okay yeah let's not, go after those that like run away in that in that manner definitely not blitz maybe really funny if he was yes okay yeah I'll do fly yes oh that. Was a close one so if you time agility wrong you can kill yourself unfortunately so you.

Got to be careful no I should have kept going I would have gotten him oh man . Yes oh no okay this is getting pretty intense Oh No okay there's a. Lot of stuff over here can I get you it's really satisfying to eat and really unsatisfying to get eaten which I suppose reflects life in general it's. Generally not satisfying to be eaten oh man so I'm getting the hang, of this agility and and it's amazing it really is here Sam Sam come here Florida magpie I'm just calling out whoever I see and I'll keep them, oh god I lost a ton. Of points from that mayor best man jeez you lucked out god I just want to be a tiger guys I just I that's all I want okay, I'm gonna try something different haha yes gotcha, yeah I really like lunge lunge seems to be better for me okay now I'm gonna get burrow gotcha. I hate everything hmm gotcha I'm getting away uh and lunge seems to be pretty good for getting away too like I don't really got you okay burrow let's do burrow haha okay now I want, to know makes creatures around you run away in fear let's do roar ha ha I earn.

My stripes oh gosh I lost me points freakin, gotcha gosh you're annoying and I'm glad you're gone ha ha I am a jerk gotcha my lunge is better than your lunch and I'll prove it ha gotcha oh yes I. Earned my stripes I am now Tiger man now let's see if we can actually.

Like gets a first place or something that'd be kind. Of sweet wouldn't it oh now everybody wants to come after me well too bad huh you probably shouldn't have done that gotcha oh you're a jerk . no well at least I earn my stripes I mean I I was a tiger and now was that's all that matters well I think that's. About gonna do it for this, episode of the Calico gameshow I hope you had fun I know I did I was a little bit.

Frustrated but it was a lot of fun and I think that build works out really well so if you liked what you saw leave a, like if you want to see more of this ridiculousness feel free to subscribe I really appreciate it see you guys later .